The history of “Hotpoint Energy Technologies Pvt Ltd” goes back to year 1990 when a partnership under the name of “Micro Appliances” was formed by Dr. P.V Majeed along with technocrats Mr. Yesudas K.C Decruz, Mr. M. Madhusoodhanan Pillai, Mr. P.V Mohammed Naseer and Mrs. Shamla Majeed to manufacture an innovative product of ‘Kerosene Table Stove” at Manappally, a village in Karunagappally, Kerala, India.

The manufacturing units which were engaged in the production of ‘Micro Hotpoint Stove” were established in other places like Karunagappally and Mundakkal (Kollam) along with a number of independent ancillary units in an around Kollam Dist, giving employment to more than 500 workers

Apart from manufacturing of different models of Kerosene Table Stoves such as double and single burner, Stainless Steel and CR Stove, Wick Stoves were also manufactured by the group.

 The innovative stove manufactured by Micro Hotpoint was stormed in to markets of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh and Karnataka.

subsequently a company was incorporated in the year 1994 under the name “Hotpoint Home Appliances Pvt Ltd”  to take over the partnership, the  flagship product of the company was ‘Micro Hotpoint Kerosene Stove’ under the initiative of DR. P.V. Majeed and DR. P.V. Majeed became the founder chairman of the company. Establishing a clear first mover advantage among Kerosene Table Stoves. Micro Hot Point has over the years positioned itself as an innovative stove. In the process, it has relegated ‘Feature Photostats’ stoves, which flooded the market, to a position of non entities. With major market share in stove segment Micro Hot Point had become the leader and the strongest player, not only in Kerala but other parts of India as well. Eventually, crossing the seas, Micro Hot Point had consolidated its position in Sri Lanka, Africa and Developing Countries.

Company had an extensive marketing network in all the southern state with service support in each district.  The production of the Kerosene Stove came to a standstill with easy availability of LPG gas and increase price in Kerosene Stove and coupled with workers unrest.

On understanding the important role of renewable energy, the company was renamed as “Hotpoint Energy Technologies Pvt Ltd” in the year 2012. The key products manufactured by the company includes Solar inverters, Solar Online and Offline UPS, Solar Home Power Systems, Solar Street Lights, Solar Floodlights, Solar Pumps, Solar Power Conditioning Units (PCU), Batteries and Long life high Luminosity LED Lights for homes and shops, LED street lights, LED flood light, Mini Flood Lights, Solar Inverters/ UPS Mate and Solar Fencing. In addition we are also working as System Integrators and Marketers of Outsourced quality products such as Solar Panels, Solar DC lights, Solar Lantern, Torches, LED Panels, Solar DC Fans, LED Lights and other Energy Saving Products both Solar and Electrical.

The company has also developed and started manufacturing energy saving bio-mass stove from our factory located in Faridabad, under the name Micro Hotpoint Smart Stove.

Now the focuss of the company is establishing both Off-Grid and On-Grid powerplants of any capacity across India.


The company started the production of Bio-mass stove, another innovative conventional stove for rural India with Bio-Mass as a fuel in the year 2013.

The Micro Hotpoint Smart Stove (Chula) is a single burner, all steel stove that delivers 65% fuel savings and 70% smoke reduction. It works on all solid biomass fuel such as firewood, crop waste, pellets animal dung etc... The stove employs innovative technologies in combustion opted from various models of biomass stoves available in the India and International markets. Such role models include from the award winning stoves from Ashdan awards for sustainable energy. Its intuitive combustion mechanism automatically adjusts to the operators requirements and requires no training or adaptation for usage, thus making it flexible and easy to use.

The product has been tested at IIT, New Delhi and the certificate issued by them with respect to the efficiency of the product to match the parameters fixed by the government of India for thermal efficiency.

The product of bio-mass stove manufactured by the company is also approved by “MNRE”- (Ministry of Non Conventional and Renewable Energy).




Loaded Hotpoint Bio-Mass Stove for Export to Nepal 

To our credit we have exported 22,000 Pcs of Bio-Mass Stove having invoice value of Rs. 1, 83, 15,000/- to M/s. Lotus Enterprises, Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal on behalf of Govt. of Nepal Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) under National Rural and Renewable Energy Program during July and August 2016.



The company has installed a large number of solar roof top plants ranging from 1 KVA to 1MW in different part of Kerala. The company has developed its own Power conditioning Units (PCU) incorporating the latest technology of MPPT in PCU. We are capable of installing of any solar power plant of any capacity, incorporating OM, OEM products designed by OM experts


Advance Cheque for 200KVA Solar Roof-top Project, received from Mr. Vahid, Managing Director, K.C Centre Karunagappally by Dr. P.V Majeed, Founder Chairman of Hotpoint Energy Technologies Pvt Ltd in the presence of Directors of both company.