What are the main components of solar power system?
How much area is required to install a rooftop solar system?
Do we need to take any precaution for wind loads?
What maintenance is required for a solar power plant?
How much electricity will be generated by a 1 MW (1000 kWp) solar plant in one year?
Will the energy produced degrade every year?
What will be the average life of the solar panels?
How does it integrate in the system of a building?
What is the different between solar plant installation on a rooftop versus ground mounting?
Does the cost vary for installations on rooftop versus ground mount?
Does the installation time vary for installations on rooftop versus ground mount?
How are solar panels mounted on metal rooftops?
Is it possible to mount solar panels without drilling holes on the rooftop?
Where will inverters be erected?
Will a roof mounted system damage my roof's warranty?
Will the cost/KWh reduce if the cost of solar panels fall?
What is the price of solar PV panels now?
What is likely to happen to solar panel prices in the coming years?

ARUN  An easy to use mobile app (ARUN)for Solar rooftop was launched by Secretary MNRE on 24/01/2017 To manage and monitor the installation of solar rooftop system an online portal namely SPIN has been designed and developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC), MNRE. This portal can be accessed by . Around 1200 agencies were empanelled online by MNRE using this portal. The data related to the installations are already started to enter in SPIN. Based on the coordinates of installation geo tagging has also done with the help of ISRO. As of now around 1500 plus users are using this portal. In today’s fast paced world, phones are not just used for calling, playing games etc. but with smart phones we can schedule our complete day, check emails, make conference calls, connect using social network and a perform a host of other activities. Hence the proposal of a mobile app for promoting and installation of solar rooftop power system came to NIC. NIC has designed and developed a simple but informative and useful application for the layman as well as the developers of solar power. Initially android version of the app has developed. The app namely ARUN – Atal Rooftop solar User Navigator. Here is the link to subscribe..