The company started the production of Bio-mass stove, another innovative conventional stove for rural India with Bio-Mass as a fuel in the year 2013.
The Micro Hotpoint Smart Stove (Chula) is a single burner, all steel stove that delivers 65% fuel savings and 70% smoke reduction. It works on all solid biomass fuel such as firewood, crop waste, pellets animal dung etc… The stove employs innovative technologies in combustion opted from various models of biomass stoves available in the India and International markets. Such role models include from the award winning stoves from Ashdan awards for sustainable energy. Its intuitive combustion mechanism automatically adjusts to the operators requirements and requires no training or adaptation for usage, thus making it flexible and easy to use.

The product has been tested at IIT, New Delhi and the certificate issued by them with respect to the efficiency of the product to match the parameters fixed by the government of India for thermal efficiency.
The product of bio-mass stove manufactured by the company is also approved by “MNRE”- (Ministry of Non Conventional and Renewable Energy).